About mesich.com

mesich.com got started late June of 2002 as a reference for myself on common problems with Win98. The site began receiving many links from Computing.net and soon after Google and Yahoo. It then turned into a full time hobby.

With the help of many frequent users on Computing.net mesich.com was born. The site was ok for my original intentions but not very user friendly or pleasent to view. That's where The Count enters. With his help we managed to make the pages more consistant and used things such as ordered list to make the pages easier to view.

Others also shared their knowledge and helped in creating such pages as Loading Windows using swappable drives by Krystyna and Desktop icons change very slowly at startup by Derek. SMUOD, Webmaster of Burzurq.com helped me out quite a bit early on with several good tip as did Suzy, Webmaster of NetRN and Terri, Webmaster of Terri's PC Support.

Jaap created the javascript for the screenshots used on several of the pages along with the navigation menu. All of his help is greatly appreciated.
I could make a list that seems endless to the many others that also helped with mesich.com. Their ideas, knowlege and time spent is very much apprecitated. I won't do so at this time as my memory is not what it used to be and I would not like to leave anyone out.

The Count and I have several things planned for mesich.com in the near future. Thanks for visiting and your comments, suggestions, and tips are always very welcome and appreciated.

Send your questions, comments about this Web page to comments@mesich.com

Best Regards and Wishes,
Mesich and The Count