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Below is a list of website's created by others that frequent All of which you will find very creative and informative. I have many more to add so check back soon.

Great WinME help site. also has many great resources for all operating systems on security, guides/references and utilities. Also credit for the banners on this page goes to ShutMeUpOrDown the creator of

A plethora of information on viruses, spyware, and adware. Recently added was a great forum, in which you can find me hanging out. :-)

Many great Windows Tips and Help for all operating systems.

Very informative site, most of which is in French and English.

Updates, support, downloads and links for Windows 95.

Many great links and home of the PLoP boot manager. A very well layed out forum for any questions you may have on the boot manager.

Lot's of good tip's and how-to's.  I learned my first bit of html from his site, how-to create hyperlinks in a forum.

Great articles on many compting topics from fighting spam to computer maintenance.

Skip's computing, herein you will find links to tested free software, manufacturer tech support, and even a bit of stupid stuff.

A great resource for many computer related issues.

Very good How-To's for dual booting, updating and more.

A very nice site with original skins by Beansoup.

A must site for all webmasters. Great tutorials on HTML, PHP, CSS, and Photoshop. The site also has a forum which is both in English and Dutch.

If you would like to place a banner linking to on your site feel free to use this one, created by SMUOD creator of If you do not have a site you can always use it to make me some t-shirts, sweat shirts, coffee cups ect.... :-)

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