Here is a list of freeware that I have checked out and personally use.

AVG Antivirus

AVG is a very good antivirus program. It has frequent updates and has kept me clean from any viruses for quite some time.
Spybot - Search & Destroy

I highly recommend this program for removing adware and spyware that is unknowingly put onto your computer. It currently looks for over 7,000 such items. Updates are frequent and the program is very user friendly.

Very nice program that will extract the details of all the hardware on your computer. I highly recommend this. I have seen many times where someone needed the drivers for their hardware and do not know what they have. Instead of tearing apart the computer to find out what hardware is in your computer download AIDA32 and print out a copy for future use.
Sygate Firewall

Good free firewall that does not use a lot of your system resources.

Delpart easily removes partitions on your hard drive that fdisk cannot.
Delete URLs

Here is a very nice program created by John Maher for removing typed URLs that are stored in the registry. It will show you a list and allow you to remove any or all of them.

Created by Renaissance Man primarily to delete index.dat files that are never resized only growing bigger and bigger. Read more about it in the link. I have tested and use it in Win98.
File Splitter

Ever had a file that was too large to place on a floppy or send through an email? Here is your answer.


Purge is a small batch file that was created by
Dan Penny. It can be used to remove items such as cookies, history, temporary internet files, applog files and others. You are given an option of which ones to remove or all of them.


RegInfo is a batch file, created by Gérard Mélone, providing system information from the Registry, other configuration files or powerful Dos/Windows commands. It is designed to help people easily get this information and avoid running RegEdit searching for it.

Win98 Bootdisk

This is a Win98 bootdisk that also contains Delpart and the newer version of Fdisk for drives 64GB - 127GB.

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